Fuzion Global Corp. is a leader in production and sales of high tech electronic products for home and health care.

Established in 1997, since which time we have employed the highest manufacturing and logistics standards in the intelligent  electronic products business. Our experience has allowed us to continue our high standards while maintaining fair, competitive prices.

This enables us to lead the market in many areas of electronic products design and production. Fuzion products have been designed for  medical,  educational,  laboratory,  kitchen,  personal  and  portable use. Each designed and made with our customers in mind, focusing on best performance, durability, reliability, and easy of use. Clients from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg challenge our commitments and the quality of our products daily!

We strive to continuously keep our clients happy and ensure satisfaction with every product and interaction. While our name is known globally, our commitment is to each and every business who support our brand. Whether you’re a corner store in Vancouver or a distributor in New York, whatever your business model, we got what you need!


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